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About Us

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The Pregnancy Care Center has been in operation since June 14, 1985. Our goal is to develop and administer programs and information designed to assist women in confronting and dealing with the physical, emotional, economic and social problems associated with pregnancy .Both centers are under one board of directors and serve Columbia, Suwanee, Union and Hamilton counties in North Central Florida.

We Provide:

  • SERVICES that include pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.
  • RESOURCES such as clothes, diapers, baby furniture, accessories 
  • EDUCATION through the EARN WHILE YOU LEARN program
  • COUNSELING for issues facing young women who are pregnant or with young children.
  • POST ABORTION COUNSELING, for women who have previously had an abortion.

Medical Director:  Lake City OBGYN

Executive Director:  Donna Sandage

Board of Directors:
Sid Ballou-Chairman
Karen Swart-Vice-Chairman
Nancy Lestock-Secretary
Mary Williams-Treasurer
David Shapiro
Lloyd Adams
Robert Woodard
Herman Gunter
Donna Kennington





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